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2019 Calendar Year-End Meeting Dates

Please contact your Alio support person for meeting details.

CESA 5 12/5/19

CESA 7 12/10/19

CESA 10 12/13/19

2019 Alio Calendar Year-End Documents

Alio HRS 20.1 Guide to W-2 Processing 4761

alio Guide to WRS Reporting

Mass-Change-Check-History-Utility for ACA Rptg

Processing your Annual Retirement Report

Alio HRS Guide to Begin CY 2020 - 20.1 ID 4782

Doing the Math for W-2's

Furnishing Form W-2 Electronically to EE's - eDelivery_Com

Filing Dates to Remember for CY 2019

2019 CYE Check List


ACA 2019 1094C and 1095C Processing

ALIO FAS 20.1 Guide to Vendor 1099 Processing


Process Lump Sum Contract Completion Check

Guide to Fiscal Year Begin Processing HRS

Contract Completion 2019

HRS Fiscal Year End Processing

WI Special Education Report

WI DPI Fall and Annual Report

Assign PO by Year

Guide to Fiscal Year Begin Processing FAS

Employee Taxes Deduction Benefits HRS PowerPoint

Setting Up the HEDED11A.FMX Employee Taxes Deduction Screen

Guide to HEDED11A.FMX Employee Taxes, Ded-Bens, Other Screen

alio_WI_Important Notice-School Level Budgeting Report

2018 Calendar Year-End Documents

Alio End of Year Processing Checklist for 2018

Doing the Math – Alio

Display Current W-2 and 1095-C Information on the Employee Service Portal

Furnishing Form W-2 to Employees Electronically

Guide to Calendar Begin Procedures for Calendar Year 2018 - Alio HRS

Guide to W-2 Processing

Mass Change Check History Utility 

Wisconsin Retirement Reporting

Processing your Annual Retirement Report

2018 CYE Check List 

Generating 1094-1095 and Creating Files for ACA

Alio FAS 19.1 Guide to Vendor 1099 Processing