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Alio Events & Workshops

2020 Alio Calendar Year-End Virtual Meetings

December 10 or December 11

Contact your Alio Support Person for Meeting Details

2020 Calendar Year-End Documents

ACA Reporting  YE 2020

Alio HRS Alio ACA 2020 1094C and 1095C Processing

2020 CYE Check List

2020 Instruction 1094.1095c

2020 W-2 Form

ACA-Codes and Terms 2020

Alio 1099 Processing 2020

Alio IMPORTANT NOTICE_Changes to 2020 YE Tax Forms

Alio FAS 19.1 Guide to Vendor 1099 Processing


ESP Display Current W-2 Information 2020

Filing Dates to Remember for CY 2020

Furnishing Form W-2 Electronically to EE's eDelivery Compliance

HRS Guide to W-2 Processing

HRS 21.1 Guide to Calendar Begin Procedures for Calendar Year 2021

Ordering 2020 Year-End Tax Forms Through m7 5566

Processing your Annual Retirement Report

WI Pub 117-2020

WRS State Reporting Guide Chapter 6 ID 4800

2020 Alio Fiscal Year-End Virtual Meetings

May 22 or May 28

Please Contact your Alio Support Person for Meeting Details

 *2020 Fiscal Year-End Documents*

FAS 2020 Year End Workshop

FAS Guide to Fiscal Year Begin Processing -ID 4729

HRS-2020 HRS Fiscal Year End Process

HRS-Process Lump Sum Contract Completion


HRS Fiscal Year End Reports 2020

HRS-Guide to FY Begin Processing 2019-20 4757

Reminder-Alio InfoLink Budgeting Resource IDs

Reminder-Guide to HEDED11A.FMX-Employee Taxes, Ded-Bens..

Reminder-QRG-BPS Guide to Budget Processing


Reminder-Setting up the HEDED11A.FMX Employee-Taxes-Ded...

Wisconsin DPI Fall and Annual Report 2020